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Lifetime Support

Avail lifetime Support. If you have any issues in your seller account and need further documents, we will provide that.

All the documents are 100% original and belong to a real person.

We offer 30 Days refund policy.

Active Amazon Seller Account

You will get a new & active Amazon seller account with all the essential documents.

UK or USA Company

You will get all the documents from UK or USA company.

Bank Details

You will get dedicated bank details.

Card Details

You will get new card details to use on your Amazon seller account.

Business Address

You will get a virtual business address in the UK or the USA.

Want to do Dropshipping on Amazon or do it already?

If yes, our services are for you. You probably know how much you can earn profits from Amazon Dropshipping businesses; that’s why we have set up this service so that you can do it successfully.

USA Seller
UK Seller
Managing Stores

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UK Amazon Seller Account

Total Cost $500

  • UK Active Seller Account
  • UK LTD Company
  • UK Business Address
  • UK Phone Number
  • UK Bank Details
  • Debit Card
  • Lifetime Support
Add to Cart * 30 Days refund policy
USA Amazon Seller Account

Total Cost $1000

  • USA Active Seller Account
  • USA LLC Company
  • USA Business Address
  • USA Phone Number
  • USA Bank Details
  • Debit Card
  • Lifetime Support
Add to Cart * 30 Days refund policy

We don’t have any hidden charge or we don’t make auto-bill to our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to send any documents?

No, you don’t have to submit any documents. We will do everything until the account is active.

Can I start sales the next day of account activation?

Yes, you will get an account active and ready to begin sales. You can do both FBA and FBM from the next day.

How will I get the funds released from Amazon?

You will get bank details and access to where you will get paid from Amazon.

Will I be the owner of everything?

Yes, we will submit all the documents and give you access, then you can change everything the way you want.